Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 – Eastwatch

  • Ashley

    It’s only 18 mins long

  • Joel Almestica

    non of these players let you watch at different resolution. Annoying!

  • Ashley

    None of these are the full video. It’s only 18 minutes

    • Frank Jaeger

      hey stupid, the other tab had the full episode. Stop being a fucking whiny cunt and pay for HBO then.

      • Brock Allen

        Uncalled for, She was not downing the site just alerting to a problem which helps admins fix problems. SO… Go fuck yourself asshole

        • Brock Allen


          • Brock Allen

            : ) lets act like adults. : )

        • Ashley

          Thank you! The comment got deleted before I could reply. Just trying to let them know it wasn’t working properly.

  • Admin

    Fixed, Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Tyler Gomez

      thank you for fixing this 🙂

  • Muhammad Salman

    is the file deleted ?

    • Admin

      check the other tabs

  • José Rodrigues Gomes

    None of the tabs works for episode 5. Any ideas how to fix this?

    • Admin

      Fixed and added more tabs, enjoy!

  • vashaw

    this episode will not play regardless which tab

  • Roxanne Tan

    Can’t watch any of the Game Of Thrones episode starting from episode 2 :/

    • Admin

      Fixed, enjoy

  • Randell Glenn Patton

    Broken again

    • Admin

      Fixed, Enjoy!!