Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 – The Dragon and the Wolf

  • Martinez Jonahtan

    It doesnt working

    • Noel

      Vidzi works. Just have to close pop-ups and it doesn’t go full screen. :/

  • GigaRays

    dam Blue Eye White dragon is OP

    • terrry woodwind

      i know right. at least they know the wall is down thanks to good old three eyed, the most under utilized weapon they have next to aria.three eyed aria equals dynamic duo

  • gubrub

    UGH! I have yet to find an ‘X’ to get around the redirect to some slot machine “game” (read: scam). The only way is to go about 20 times until I get lucky and can click ‘Play.’ Anyone have a tip for how to work around this? On an i P a d.

    • kc

      you have to do several clicks on it until it works – keep clicking x’s until they go off.

  • Sad Monkey

    And the whole of next season is going to be nothing but 8-9 hours of WAR!

  • kc

    admin- heavy very bad virus Trojan zeus popped up on me when trying to use VIDUP and /or THE VIDEO – please check the links.

    • Admin

      As much as we want to remove those pop ups from the videos we cant.
      We do not have control over those pop ups since we don’t own those video players.

  • kc

    Openload link will not work – please check this.

    • Admin

      Hi, its working fine from my end.

  • GryffithRogers

    “File was deleted or expired.”
    of course it was…