• Sad Monkey

    A) Furbee’s are evil (Call that think Beboo all you want it was a Furbee.)
    B) Stein looked to young for 1992 (At lest I think so. Maybe I’m just really bad at judging age)
    C) Dahrk should have had an eyepatch or fake beard or both. (Ether way that was not a convincing Odin.)
    D) Ya my second favorite recurring character showing up at the end. (He so needs to be able to show up on Lucifer at some point.)

    • Karin Evans

      Sad Monkey, you’re right! Stein should be in his 40’s. He was in college in the 60’s. (I believe) How I caught on, was their little girl who look like she was about 6yrs in 1992, She was in college in her early 20’s in 2017. So the cast from that timeline is all out of place.