• Rob Nurse

    What a total waste,and really stupid episode.I was really hoping to see more gun battles,including seeing Rick’s army kicking the crap out of Negan’s army.Instead, and as usual the producers of this show decided on wasting time,by procrastinating, and dragging this episode to a very boring ending.Enough of the same BS,and allow more mayhem,and complete destruction against the saviors.Too many good people have been killed by Negan and his gestapo army. No mercy for the enemy,period!

    • Aytee Kane

      shut up! best episode yet from this season !

  • SoSibOcestBon

    I haven’t got to see it……so many adds. One thing gets me a little : these flash forwards or whatever seeing Rick as an older man. Insurance. Spoilers. Or something more sinister?

  • SoSibOcestBon

    This episode is one of the best of the last two seasons. It contains that which sets The Walking Dead aside from others. Depth . Carol is a soldier I want to fight alongside and the King becomes king like .