• John Jameson

    I waited so many seasons for this faggot carl to get GOT so I was more than happy for it. Too bad it to be over some filthy 3rd world rag head but I guess it’s the end result that matters.

    • Jess

      You’re a weirdo.

      • Pablo Clark

        and NOT in the weird science kind of way…

      • SoSibOcestBon

        I agree he is a weirdo bringing his redkneck racist muck here.

  • Will Doyle

    what the fuck? why Juddith say hi to Negan?…why Negan there??

    • Jess

      My take was those were Carl’s dreams of what the future could be. That means the fighting stops and even Negan is able to live with them peacefully. Everyone put down their guns including Negan.

      • Aytee Kane